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Three features and good supports

① An experience professional lecturer of ten years or more guides you directly.
② A day of the week and time zone are freely decided according to your schedule.
③ We can provide you good quality service at a good price.

Usual class time zone in fiscal year 2010

 From Monday to Friday(free selection system)
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Class① (Other lessons)

Class② (Other lessons)

Class③ (Other lessons)

※ Please decide a favorite day of the week and time zone when you join. You can change later.
※ There is a case to ask for a change about a crowded class.
※ The day and time of your class are changed during the spring / summer / winter vacation.
※ Junior high school student and high school student's regular test measures class (free of charge) also has starting a course on Saturday, Sunday, and holiday.

Charge table in fiscal year 2010(including tax)

Your grade Course Times a week Subject Tuition of one month Teaching materials costs of one year
Elementary school Single 60 min * 1 One subject selection 5,250 yen (Japanese)3,990 yen
Elementary school Standard 60 min * 2 Two subjects selection 9,450 yen (Two subjects)7,770 yen
Elementary school Development 60 min * 3 Arithmetic Japanese English 12,600 yen 14,910 yen
Elementary school Entrance exam measures 90 min * 3 All five subjects + Entrance exam measures 18,900 yen 23,150 yen
Junior high-school Single 120 min * 1 One subject selection 9,450 yen (Math)3,780 yen
junior high-school Standard 120 min * 2 All five subjects 16,800 yen 21,860 yen
junior high-school Development 120 min * 3 All five subjects 23,100 yen 21,860 yen
The 3rd grade of junior high-school Entrance exam measures 120 min * 3 All five subjects + Entrance exam measures 23,100 yen 32,550 yen
High school Single 120 min * 1 English or Math 12,600 yen Price consultation

※ It does not take enrollment fee or the classroom maintenance cost at all. All of them are included in the tuition.
※ You can attend each course(during spring / summer / a winter vacation) with the tuition every month. Increase in the class time is free of charge.
※ Time zone and the course excluding the above-mentioned are accepted. Please feel free to consult.
※ The charge setting is different in Hiragisi classroom and inquire directly, please. Tel 011-832-8809
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