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Mother is a great teacher !

 To stay fit, and to prevent the lifestyle disease in the future, well-balanced eating habits do not allow it to lack. Eating habits when it is a child make the base of the body, and make the foundation of the dining habit. Eating habits after how the child spends this time, and it grows up change greatly, too. " Regular life. Nutritionally balanced meal. " This is the most important though it is said naturally. Mother who prepares the daily eating is the best teacher of the food education. Let's make it to a table happy by the entire family and the table that makes vigour.

■ How should the child eat sweets and the midnight snack?

 Sweets and the midnight snack are parts of an important meal for the child of the growth piling. A necessary nutrient cannot be removed with snacks and the juice, etc. with high energy. Moreover, so as not to hinder the meal of three meals, mother thinks about the balance. If it is handmade, it is safe, and enough love. If it is a commercial item, mother combines well.

■ Take care about the midnight snack.

 The child works hard at study till a late hour when studying for exam starts in full scale. It comes to often take the midnight snack at intervals of studying for exam. However, the meal of three meals is up to basic for the health maintenance. A midnight snack should be aimed for a change, a break rather than need on nourishment side. If the child eats too much a midnight snack, he may not eat breakfast of the next morning. Therefore, when supper is slow, the midnight snack is avoided, and the child eats breakfast next morning firmly. As for the midnight snack, a thing with much lipid should be avoided. Mother may choose the vegetable, the fruit, and dairy products as replenishment of the vitamin and calcium around digestible cereals. The standard of the amount is adjusted to about 10% of the amount of energy place main point (2500 kcal on 15-years old average) during a day. Note that there is something that contains a lot of lipids in the convenience food. Moreover, do not drink coffee and tea too much because they contain a lot of caffeines.

■Memories of midnight snack.

 When I was a junior high school student, my mother often made me the midnight snack. The suppertime of my home at that time was PM from 5:30. Therefore, the stomach gradually became empty around in passing 9 PM. When the hunger strengthened, I felt tiredness. When studying slowly and having begun to think stopping because it had become tired, my mother had carried the midnight snack according to the timing of exquisiteness. There were a lot "soba" and noodle. When my stomach was satisfied, sleepiness gradually took me. However, I was not able to stop study since she made the midnight snack. I had not been said by her, "Study". However, she never showed me the relaxing appearance while I was studying. She silently assisted in me. I feel great of mother natural now, and am full of the gratitude.
( Note: Because digestion takes time, "soba" is not suitable for a midnight snack. )

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