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Meal that makes child wise.

 How should we think about meal to give child's result (Make it wisely)?The following three functions are provided in food.
・The first function Nourishment function for life maintenance.
・The second function Taste function to enjoy one's meal.
・Third-order function Physical condition adjustment function to maintain health of rhythm adjustment of physical condition, ecology defense, disease prevention, disease recovery, and aging prevention, etc.
We think about the meal of the result improvement from these three functions.

■ Nourishment function for life maintenance.

 Being able to remove the nutrient enough with the meal of every day three times, and being able to maintain health are the most natural, and ideal appearances. However, might how about the reality. Busy eating habits of every day tend to fall into disorder, and bias of the nutritional balance cannot be spurned. In the idea of meal for the result improvement, the nutrient for the life maintenance that is the first function is important, and it is often ingestible neatly and is balanced important. In man's living, 40-50 kinds of nutrients are needed. Especially, "Protein", "Glucidic", and "Lipid" of the nutrients include "Vitamin" and "Mineral" (five large nutrients) that helps the material (three large nutrients) that makes the body and those working. Taking into meal like this consciously of five large nutrients without the excess and deficiency becomes the groundwork-making of the result improvement.

■ Taste function to enjoy one's meal.

 "The delicious one is delicious" and "It is delicious when eating all together" etc. Naturally expressing my feelings, and acting well in the group activity become the important groundworks for the result improvement. Eating habits in daily life change by eating the special product thing etc. of a handmade dish, the food of in season, and land where it lives. It might be related to the greediness for learning. For instance, it is assumed that mother made the curry and rice. We think that any home is roughly the same of the material of the curry and rice. There might be mother who is challenging various curry and rices devising it every time, too. An important thing is "Change in the taste" and "Fact that mother made it for the child. " hereThe carrot of today's curry will be sweet. Are the usual carrot and the kind different?Meat enters fully today. Was it a bargain sale of super?The child doesn't miss a slight changing food. And, those changes are connected with the child at the chance to think about things variously.
Moreover, the side dish shall not be few today. Is mother's physical condition bad?The influence of meal extends to family's interpersonal relationship. The child becomes feelings that he will also hold out something seeing the appearance of which mother holds out. In that sense, mother is a great teacher for the child.

■ Physical condition adjustment function to maintain health.

 Here, we think about the nutrient related to growth and the activity of the brain by leaving for assumption that it is important to take a nutritionally balanced meal neatly.
 It is said that there are about 14 billion neuronal cells (neuron) on a human brain. This cell is completed of embryos (By the pregnancy about seven months). It is thought that it doesn't increase as the neuronal cell grows up after the human is born. It is the one that increases from the pregnancy latter term in embryo's brain that is called glial cell. This cell works for the nutritional substance in the brain and the exchange of metabolites, and helps the activity of the neuronal cell. It is said that this cell reaches the number at an adult level, too, when becoming six years old after it is born. The development of the neuronal cell worsens when nourishment (especially, protein) is insufficient between in a word up to six years old, the proliferation of glial cell is disturbed, and it has an important influence on intelligence. And, even if nourishment is improved, it never recovers when growth is obstructed once.
 And, a nutrient necessary so that the brain may act is only glucose in blood. The amount of the glucose that can be saved in the body is a little. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement glucose that is the energy of the brain regularly with regularly having rice with meal three times.
 Recently, lecithin and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) get into the news grown the brain as an important nutrient. However, they are all things included in the food of nature, and we can take them by a nutritionally balanced meal. It is also possible that we easily replenish them by supplement etc.However, only the meal that thinks about the nutritional balance by mother, puts love for the child, and prepares it is just meal for the child's result improvement.

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